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            Appizz is a single page mobile app showcase HTML5/CSS3 template which is made to help you promote and sell your app.

We try to get most of your browser as possible, so this template accommodates newest CSS3 and HTML5 techniques. If your browser don’t understand CSS3, don’t worry. We can solve this problem with various fallbacks for those features.

Template has unique single page layout with modified navigation using mouse wheel and keyboard. You can swipe between slides by Up and Down arrow and between pages on one slide by Left or Right arrow.

Base layout of template is absolutely image-less in code. This makes template much more customizable. You can change color of every element just by change few values in CSS code.

At the start you can choose from several slide styles. There are predefined slides for Showcase, Features, Image Gallery, Versions history, About Us, Contact and also slide for any Two Column Content. Slide for image showcase with smartphones is fully customizable.

We made fully custom Lightbox effect for screenshots preview. You can try it yourself in Screens slide.

View the Demo Website – CLICK HERE

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